Digital Jack

Jack Nicklaus brought his digital likeness to life using Soul Machines technology. Here's the incredible story.

A legend reborn as a Digital Human – built for the Metaverse

In 2021, Jack and his son, Gary, were scanned using 3D capture technology. From this scan, a high-fidelity 3D model of Jack Nicklaus was created.

Every part of Jack’s identity was captured using machine learning and CGI – his behavior, personality, gestures, and voice – so even the slightest detail of Jack's identity could be experienced and appreciated today and for future generations.

Using Soul Machines HumanOS platform and autonomous automation, these inputs were brought to life as Digital Jack: the first-ever AI avatar of Jack Nicklaus. 

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Digital Jack - An Interactive NFT

Digital Jack was built by a team of Academy Award-winning engineers and artists who are experts in their field.

You can interact with Digital Jack in real time to learn about his Major Victories, ask him questions, and get to know the man behind the legend.

Now you can collect and own a component of Digital Jack as a unique, dynamic and first-ever NFT.

Again we acknowledge Jack’s trailblazing spirit as one of the oldest sports stars joining the NFT movement. Jack has paved the way for an overlooked voice in Web3: a sports legend using his legacy to connect fans to the history of golf and – quite literally – invent the future.

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