About the NFT

The Golden Bear Club is an exclusive collection of 18 Digital Jack NFTs across Jack’s 18 Major Victories – 1 unique NFT per Victory.

Each NFT is a dynamic 3D video of Digital Jack and thematically tied to a major win. Each NFT tells a story: an intimate moment about a major championship victory as relayed by Jack himself.

What's more: each NFT serves as an access pass – and membership in – the Golden Bear Club.



The Golden Bear Club has exclusive real-world perks:

  • 2023 Jack Nicklaus International Invitational Experience
  • Two days of 18-hole rounds of golf at Jack Nicklaus-designed Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course
  • VIP Tickets and Hospitality at a PGA Tour event 
  • Signed portrait print of Jack Nicklaus
  • Jack Nicklaus merchandise package

NFT Release Schedule

- 18 unique NFTs
- 1 per Major Victory
- Premint Drops Dec 12

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Unique Traits

The Golden Bear Club is the first NFT collection to fully embrace the concept of interactivity in the context of Golf.

Digital Twin NFTs bring the beauty of Jack's actual gestures, expressions, memories, and stories for holders to experience. An academy award winning team of technical artists – with Soul Machines technology – have perfected these animations, bringing them to life as ownable moments, with real-world value.

Real World Perks